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The challenges of starting a new business in Iran
29/01/2008 - Source : Negah Multimedia (

Mehrdad Agah shares his thoughts on entrepreneurial aspects of starting an IT related business in Iran...    More

The Hiring Manager's IQ (Interviewing Quotient) Test
29/01/2008 - Source : Inc. Magazine (

Here is your opportunity to "test" your personal knowledge about the interviewing process. (By: Will Helminger; Published March 2005)    More

How Much Does Employee Turnover Really Cost?
29/01/2008 - Source : Your Hire Authority (

Calculate the real and hidden costs of employee turnover to better understand how it impacts your business's bottom line. (By: Will Helmlinger)    More

Building a Bonus Program
29/01/2008 - Source : Fast Company Magazine (

Having the right tools in your recruiting and re-recruiting tool chest will help you become an employer of choice for both existing employees and promising candidates. (By: Will Helmlinger)    More

15 Things a Salesperson Should Never Forget
29/01/2008 - Source : Your Hire Authority (

Ask any salesperson. They all have their own tips, techniques and 'tricks of the trade' that make them uniquely successful. Here are fifteen of our favorites: (By Will & Suzi Helmlinger)    More

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