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FAQ Candidates
What you need to know before submitting your CV...
How long will this take?
The process will take at least 15 minutes, depending on how extensive your CV is. More
How do I enter my information?
You will enter each section of your CV on a separate screen. More
Why can't I just cut and paste my CV?
Using our CV builder to post your CV allows employers to find your information easily with a more targeted search. More
What will my CV look like?
As you build your CV, you can view your progress More
What is "Activation"?
Your CV will appear in search results (anonymously) and you will be contacted by AgahJobs for opportunities only if you have "Activated" More
What is "Validation"?
Once you complete your CV in AgahJobs' database, it will be checked by our staff. If the details have been completed then your CV will be More
How will employers find my CV?
To allow employers to access your CV, you must activate it. More
What if I need to stop before I'm finished?
At any time, you can exit the CV builder and come back at a later time to finish it. More
What is the cost for me to find a job through AgahJobs?
It does not cost you anything to submit your CV and use our services. More
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