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Ease of registration, ease of consultation: we know executives are busy people! Excutives & Companies are guided step-by-step through registration process.

Advanced Matching System

AgahJobs is designed to match executives with new career opportunities. Based on a few parameters, the system accurately and automatically matches positions with corresponding candidate profiles.


All personal details(name, address,etc.) can only be accessed by a given executive or by AgahJobs. When requested by a company, they will only be released if the individual grants his or her authorization.


Avoids unnecessary interviews by allowing companies and consultants to focus only on the right group of candidates.

Permanent visibility
24 hours a day, 7 days a week: more than any traditional recruitment agency could hope to offer!

Helps both companies and executives anticipate new situation often imposed by rapidly evolving business structures.

A variety of options within the overall system.

The sophistication of the system releases players of automatic preliminary tasks, leaving them free to concentrate on crucial aspect of the management resource field, involving analytical skills and delicate human interaction.


Achieve greater value for money and a higher efficiency by using our service instead of a traditional ad campaign or going through conventional recruitment agencies.

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